About us

Gwent N-gage is a young person’s drug and alcohol service that provides free, confidential support and information to any young person under 18. This extends to any 18–21-year-old requiring support with a transition to adult drug/alcohol services. The service also offers drug and alcohol consultancy support and training to any professional working with young people within Gwent.

Gwent N-gage works alongside Gwent Drug and Alcohol Family Service (GDAFS) to ensure that any family member or friend affected by another person’s (loved ones) use can also receive the support they need. This support is available for young people and adults of any age. (link to GDAFS website)

Gwent N-gage has a single point of contact number and e-mail for all referrals, requests for information and support/advice. This is available Mon – Fri 9 till 5 (4:30 on a Friday).