Check out Barod’s Drugs Unwrapped: The Youtube, where each episode, they ask a question about drugs and their use, debating it from the perspectives of those on the front line, supporting people affected by substance use. They also speak to those with lived experience of substance use and expert guests.

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Episode #1. Is drug use an acceptable part of growing up?
Episode #2 'The Day I Chose To Live'
Episode #3 Is drug taking at festivals more dangerous?
Episode #4 Is heroin the most dangerous illegal drug?
Episode #5 What's it like to work in the drugs field?
Episode #6 Wrongful Prescribing: Oxycontin, Drug Poisoning Crisis in Canada, and The Tragic Loss of
Episode #7 Is our relationship with alcohol changing?
Episode #8 Are benzodiazepines a growing issue?
Episode #9 How will Afghanistan's opium ban affect the UK? With Martin Powell
Episode #10 Drug related deaths in Wales
Episode #11 Adults, young people and somewhere in between
Episode #12 Solvents – is this where harm reduction ends?